Crash during auto save

since this turned out to be a reoccurring problem, i post it here in the hope of help.
i love the auto-save feature - couldn’t do without it, since i always forget to save when i’m in “the flow”…

however, often it seems like the auto-save feature causes a crash.
crashes usually happen when i open a vat instrument or make changes to an insert etc. i have my auto-save interval set to 10 min. now, the last save - after cubase crashed - is almost always 10 min old.
i assume cubase tried to save the project while i was making modifications and that caused the crash? just now it happened as i was trying to modify an existing StylusRMX instance. before that it happened when i moved an altiverb 7 instance from one insert slot to another.

is that a known issue? couldn’t find anything in the forum…
am i the only one with this problem?

any help is greatly appreciated.
thanks a lot