Crash during startup

When starting up Cubase Pro 12 (on Windows 10) at the point of “Initialising VST.2x Plug-In Manager” it suddenly crashes, time after time. I installed the update from 12.0.50 to 12.0.52 and it started up normally - only once. Afterwards it keeps on crashing at the same point. Nothing changed regarding plug-ins as far as I know. What could be happening here?

Possibly, Cubase Crash dump file would give some info. Can you upload?

You might also want to check your Windows Logs. Especially the Windows > System log. I had an error there (error ID 10016) where Windows didn’t have the right permissions to access a file. My Cubase 12 Pro on Win10 kept freezing on startup, until I fixed that problem. The problem was also happening sometimes, while other times it would start up normal.

Too bad the crashdump file seems to be too big to upload here.

Are there any websites that provide the service that stores the file temporarily and make it accessible via a link that can be shared publicly?

Such as WeTransfer? What e-mail address can I add?

@ [valleyken]: Indeed, thx. The Windows System log file points to he module HALion Sonic SE.dll. What exactly is wrong with it, is still not clear.

Please understand you are interacting with a public forum, rather than a someone you can eamil. Post the link in your reply.

In the mean time I reinstalled Halion Sonic SE and Cubase did start up normally now. Thanx for all tips and helpfulness! :slight_smile:

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