Crash in Engrave Mode


What I wanted to do: Klick into the first a bar of a system, hit “,” to move the bar to the previous system.
But: I had “Staff spacing” activated in the left panel.

This is reproducible:
Open Engrave Mode, activate the “Staff spacing” button (3rd in the left panel), click into the first bar of a system, press “,”.
Dorico thinks for a few seconds and shuts down.

I’ve created a Diagnostics Report, if it can be of any use for the team.

Kind regards,

Reproduced on MacOS 10.14.

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Thanks for reporting this: Dorico isn’t correctly making sure that it has the right kind of selection before it tries to move bars between staves. I’ll make sure this gets taken care of.

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Thanks, Daniel.
Great support here, as is always the case :slight_smile: