Crash instantly while opening Elevate Equivocate


I did use this plugin in a couple of projects last month.
But now(I am not sure if this happened since the 9.5.41 update) I cannot open the plugin anymore.
A “serious error” message occurs and Cubase hangs or crashes instantly.
Even those same projects I cannot open anymore because the plugin is in them.

I get the same crash in Cubase 10. But the plugin does work in Cubase 8.5 which I also still have installed.
I don’t know what the difference would lmake in those versions exactly.

I attached the Crashdumpfile

please help anyone?
Cubase 64bit 2018.12.8 18.10.dmp (1.16 MB)

Forgot to mention: the plugin also does work in Wavelab 9.5.40