Hi Guys! I’ve deleted Port Midi in DEVICE\Connection and VST Live crash. (43.7 KB)

… we are still investigating your crash. It’s seems you have a lot of video tracks running. Was the Transport running while you have deleted your MIDI Port?


No, as soon as I open VSTLIVE I immediately go to DEVICE and then CONNECTION and delete the midi ports and it crashes. I haven’t opened anything more than the above

… do you have more crash logs for us? Thank you very much for your help!


I generate it immediately and send it back to you

Now I’m at home and I have Windows and it doesn’t give the error. On MAC with O.S. 13 always crashes.

Could you do us a favour and send us this file (PM to me or Micha):

/Users/Username/Library/Preferences/com.steinberg.VST Live.plist


com.steinberg.VST (7.5 KB)
Upload file

Senza (40.5 KB)
another crash!

ps… only VST LIVE MAC VERSION. Windows platform ok

You say “ports”, so you can delete some, but one crashes? If so, which one?

Also maybe try Help/Clean All user Data.