Crash of cubase when executing macros


I had a crash with Cubase 12 (on Windows 11) when I executing a macro.

I tried to reproduce the bug after the restart of cubase but I’m not able to reproduce now. However the previous action that I made before the crash are :

  • Remove a command in my macro
  • Execute the macro with the shortcut in my project

You can find the crashdump here :
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.1 (687.9 KB)



What does the Macro do, what are the steps, please?


I’m sorry but I don’t remember what was the macro who caused the crash (I have created a lot of macros today :frowning: ). I just remember that I have retry to reproduce the crash after with the same macro but I was not able to reproduce it.

I can specify that during my session, I also had problems moving up or down commands in my macros for an unknow reason (I recreated the macro and after it work fine). I also specify that I work a lot with commands coming from the project logic editor

if you come across this again, you can start a new topic with details.

Please follow this format when you do: How to format a bug report

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