Crash on Audio Mixdown

Hello guys, so here are my problems:

  1. Whenever I select File > Export > Audio Mixdown, Cubase instantly crashes.
  2. If I right click on the track are and select any kind of tracks do be added, Cubase instantly crashes.
  3. On any MixConsole, If I select aa few tracks and right click anywhere to add a Group or FX track, Cubase crashes.

I am using Windows 10, Cubase 10.0.4, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6gb, Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen.

None of these crashes generate crashdumps.

I have no idea on what to do, and at this point I am entirely unable to use the software. I wish Stainberg’s support would help me.


Make sure you are running Cubase at supported system (PC configuration).

If yes, I would recommend to:

  • Reinstall Cubase from scratch (as administrator).
  • Trash Cubase preferences.

If Cubase is still crashing, generate a crash dump file by using Microsoft ProcDump utility and attach it (or share a link), please.

Hi Paulo,

do you have Windows 10 “Tablet Mode” enabled (See:
If so, could you please try to turn it off and restart Cubase?
Does the problem still persist?

Best regards,

I reinstalled Cubase Pro 10.5 but nothing was fixed. The problem with crash remains on Export Audio Mixdown.
But when I Export in Realtime Export it works! So???

Hi and welcome,

So could you attach a crash dump file, please?

I just wanted to add that I’m having the exact same problem. At first I thought that it was a new plug-in that I’m using, but then I tried exporting audio on my Cubase 9.5 which is still installed on my system. Guess what, the same export works just fine there.
On Cubase 10.5 however the export crashed at about 80%, and now (not sure why) it even crashes immediately after starting export.
The crash is so hard that I can’t even close a windoow, I have to use the task manager to close Cubase down. I doubt there’s any log entry at that point.

Please Steinberg fix this asap, because without export function Cubase 10 is practically useless.


It seems it’s not a crash (after crash you wouldn’t need to quit Cubase, because there wouldn’t be Cubase running). So what is it? Is it a freeze?

You said you doubt there is no log. Could you check it, please?

Are you on Windows? Which version? Do you have the latest update installed? Some more details about your system (in the foot) could help.

If you are on Windows, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to make a dump file of the freeze, please.

Thanks for responding. I’m not a software engineer, so I can’t discern a crash from a freeze or a hang or whatever. I described what it does and what it doesn’t.
And yes, I’m on Windows 10, latest updates installed.

How am I supposed this ProcDump utility? There are about 30 parameters. Does it have to be loaded before Cubase is started? Before the crash, after the crash? Can you please give a step-by-step instruction?


I’m sorry as Mac user, I have never used the Microsoft ProcDump utility. This is not Cubase specific utility, I believe there will be some step by step video tutorial on YouTube.

As far as I know the users just started the utility. Then started Cubase. Made the steps to get into the hang/freeze situation and the Microsoft utility created needed dmp file itself.

I will create a dump file as soon as I find out how to parametrize this tool.
Meanwhile suffice to say that export crashes every single time I use it, whether I use real-time export or not.
I’m happy I still have my 9.5 version installed, because I wouldn’t be able to get my audio out of Cubase.
That’s not a small detail bug, it’s essential, and I would appreciate Steinberg to take care of it asap.

btw: I got word that supposedly an UAD plug-in might be the cause of the problem. I don’t know if that’s the case. I don’t use them in this composition, but indeed I have them installed. Is there a way to bypass and run Cubase without them? I wouldn’t want to uninstall them all just for doing defect research…


The dump file is needed to Steinberg can take care.

In Cubase 10.5 you can start Cubase without all 3rd party plug-ins from Cubase Safe Start Mode. Or you can create and use your own plug-in collection in Cubase, what are UAD not in use.

Thanks, good to know.

Meanwhile I’d like to share some more observations:
Today I’ve made a new project, same Plug-ins, only difference they don’t run in VEpro, but directly in Cubase. Export works fine - for the first time.
The other projects I referred to keep making trouble. Most of the time, export fails at ~80%. There are occasions when it freezes at 0%.

I’m running Cubase 10 on my iMac that runs OS 10.13.6. I crash when I export but not every time. It’s more like the ball just keeps spinning…like a freeze. It seems it’s a bit random. It seems like it’s more stable if I just export a simple master track versus trying to export individual tracks. I’m running very simple sessions with NO plug ins. Its very frustrating. Also, why does Cubase seems to freeze when you try to quit the program. That has been happening for a long time. They just can’t seem to figure that out!

this is not a plugin problem. Really - I have the same problem since 10.5 (on PC win 10 pro) and three friends of mine also have this problem, two of them on Mac another on Windows. Why would a project that didn’t crash on export on Cubase 10 all of a sudden crash/freeze with Cubase 10.%? I would really like to hear that explanation because none was given to me in various support tickets, expect for faulting “plugins”, which of course worked perfectly in Cuabse 10. Has Steinberg change the VST standard? Of course not. So why would plugins cause a freeze on mixdown with Cub 10.5 but not in Cub 10? I can’t see how that would be possible, but of course I am not a software engineer.


I don’t know the reason. But what if Steinberg changed the implementation of VST in Cubase. And now it’s more strict to follow the VST standard?

from 10 to 10.5? I suppose it’s possible, but none of the plugins manufacturers that I have contacted have said anything about receiving notice of a new VST standard. In addition, this also happens when opening projects created in earlier version of Cubase, such as 9/9.5/10 -


I didn’t say the standard has changed. I said from my point of view it looks like the implementation of VST in Cubase changed.