Crash on exit with Synchron player

Here’s the bug I’m dealing with :

Create a blank project with Cubase pro 9.5.41 on windows 10
Create a instrument track with synchron player of VSL (the latest version : 1.1.1445)
Load any instrument (eg 1st violin in synchron strings)
Play a few notes
Quit the project

Cubase gets unresponsive and the only way to quit it is to kill the process.

Anyone else having this issue ?

PS interesting fact : the conflict between cubase and synchro player deactivates the paste function (mouse or ctrl v) everywhere (in windows, firefox, cubase, etc.) as long as Cubase runs and after it crashed this bug remains as long as Cubase is not killed in the task manager.


Could you attach the crash dump file (located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder), please?


Unfortunately no dump file is generated as Cubase doesn’t crash but gets unresponsive until it’s process has been killed. I should correct my first message.


Then I’m sorry, but I cannot help, unfortunately. I don’t have the mentioned plug-in and I have no source (the crash file), where I could read what happens.

Hopefully somebody else…?

Thank you anyway.
I hope VSL support can help.
Steinberg’s support said it had to be seen with VSL, without even trying to investigate as usual.