Crash on export with 6.5.2

Since updating to 6.5.2 I have been experiencing crashes/freezing when exporting wav files.

Once the screens went completely black with only the circulating cursor visible and I had to manually power down.

I think I might have to roll back.

Any ideas - anyone experienced similar problems?

PC i7 intel 3.2 x 6
Windows 7 64 bit
12 Gig RAM
Fireface UC
Cubase 6.0.5
UAD 1 x2
UAD 2 Solo x1

Even the task manager will not operate!!!

I have now discovered that it is only one project that seems to be affected. Touch wood.
I will have to work on it this evening to find out what is causing it.
Could it be Padshop?

How do you roll back to the previous version? Given that Restore has not been used.

I was doing a batch export - I can do an audio file mix
Another project (with Padshop) is affected.
Cubase crashes if I change from one project sans padshop to one that uses it.
I re-boot the computer and the project will load.
I disable Padshop and the export works fine.
So despite the update padshop is still a problem.

However If I export padshop as a single export it works!!!

The update you refer to, 6.5.2, is for Cubase Artist only. Not full Cubase, like you state, although you also state 6.0.5?

Whoops now that is an example of me being rather daft!!!
Can’t explain what happened there.
Thanks for pointing that out.