Crash on Mac Book Pro

I previously posted about a problem with cubase 6 crashing on a new Mac Book Pro 17. I am still having the problem. I noticed that when I process an audio file, it seems to be more likely to freeze. Also, sometimes if I force quit, it does not crash and sometimes it does. I took the computer to the experts at the Mac Store and they could not help. Any ideas?

Nathan Vinson

I have no Mac experience whatsoever, but I think you need to give more information about your system and what exactly happens. OS version, C6 version, audio hardware etc, etc…

Luck, Arjan

The Mac Book Pro is about 3 weeks old and uses OS x Lion and CUBASE The program crashes the system when I exit. I at first stored the audio files on an external drive then started a new project that stored the files on the internal drive and had the same crash. That is about all that I can think of to add to a complete description.


A little more information: sound is a m-audio mobile pre, memory is 4 gig. Any information would be helpful.

32 or 64 bit Cubase? Any 3rd party plugs? Tried trashing Prefs (see sig)?

Aloha and +1.

If that does not work try re-installing Cubase 6.
Data and files can sometimes get a lil corrupted during installation.

If you do decide to re-install, make sure you get all traces of Cubase
off you machine. (mainly preference files)

Cubase puts stuff in many places all over a Mac and
so Steiny has support page showing how to totally remove C6.

I just read about this in a post on this board. If I can find it,
I’ll post the link. (or perhaps someone else knows)

Bottom line is, your machine is really kool and should haul ass.

HTH (hope this helps)

I have gotten to the library files that say com.steinberg plist. So I just delete those folders? also, I did not know it but there are preference folders for Cubase 4, SX2 and SX3. Should all those folders be deleted?


Just for C6, they get rebuilt on re-start. Delete the files inside the C6 folder, not the folder itself. You should always move the Prefs folders for prior versions before installing a newer one. Been documented many times that it causes issues if you don’t.



What happens when you install the Cubase 6.0.5 update ?



and one other thing.

Since you are using ‘Lion’ (10.7) if you do decide to move
or trash your preferences, (now or in the future)
you will find the C6 Preference folder in your
~/user/library folder.

But unlike Snow Leopard, (10.6) Lion now hides this folder.

Here is how to get to it:

1-While in the finder open the ‘Go’ drop-down in the menu bar.
2-While the drop-down is still open, press the ‘Option’ button.

You will see the ‘Library’ folder ‘magically’ appear just under
the ‘Home’ folder.


Gotta go to work, long day ahead, but I got rid of the old contents of the Cubase 6 folder (but kept the folder) and got rid of the folders for the old versions of Cubase. I will see how it goes to night.


After clearing out preferences, the computer still crashes. I now will reload CUBASE 6 (don’t know what else to do). Where do I find all the remnants that should be removed? Also, do I need to do anything with regard to the eLicenser to reactivate CUBASE? Any information would be helpful.
Thanks, Nathan Vinson

I now will reload CUBASE 6 (don’t know what else to do).

Chris Beuermann, an actual Steinberg staff member, asked you this:

What happens when you install the Cubase 6.0.5 update ?

…and you just sorta ignored his advice. Go here:

…and load this version and see what happens.

Also, do I need to do anything with regard to the eLicenser to reactivate CUBASE?

No. The 6.0.5 update automatically updates your eLicense. If your eLicenser wasn’t working, Cubase wouldn’t even launch to start with.

Are you running any 3rd party Plug-ins? If so…are they up to date?

There are two different versions of the Mobile Pre…the original and the newer “2nd Generation” You didn’t specify which. I mention this because they utilize different drivers. The original uses v1.8.1 and the 2nd Gen uses v1.0.3. Is your M-Audio driver up to date? If it isn’t, check the M-Audio website for the latest versions.

I did download the 6.05 upgrade and the only third party plug in is melodyne which at this point has not been turned on as a cubase plug in (however, it is one of the main reasons I am attempting to upgrade the system)
and the driver for mobile pre has been upgraded to 1.8.1. Off to work and I will try again tonight.

and the only third party plug in is melodyne

…which has also been quite recently bumped up a revision to v2.0. Make sure that’s updated as well.

Problem perisists.
When investigating locations of Steinberg items on the hard drive, I find things in: go>option>library>
app support
audio pressets
crash reports
as well as in library> preferences

If one is reloading Cubase 6, first delete the cubase 6 folder in Apps and then check all areas where remnants might remain? Information is appreciated.


After failing to solve the problem of the Mac Book crashing frequently when I shut down Cubase, I attempted to reinstall the program. I deleted the application and other files that were indicated in support forums and Cubase documentation as being necessary to delete (such as preference files etc.). I removed the dongle from eLicenser and attempted to reinstall the program.
I double clicked on Start Center and followed the prompts. What occurred is the same thing that occurred the first time I installed the program. The process got stuck on ‘Running Package Scripts’. It said ‘about a minute to go’ but after 30 minutes nothing happened. The cursor would move but nothing responded. I finally shut down the machine by holding ‘power’ for several seconds. After quitting the installation program that still showed to be running, I checked to say if Cubase 6 might be in the applications folder. It was and it appears to start; however, this is the same thing that happened previously.
I also sent a message to Steinberg support, perhaps the DVD was defective?

dnvinson (Nathan Vinson)