Crash on macbook pro 2018

I have macbook pro 2018 … ventura
cubase doesnt run and i get this error


What exactly does it mean, please?

Attach the *.ips file, please.

where can i find the .ips file please ?


Start macOS utility Console. In the left side select the crashes and then choose the application and the dedicated date/crash.

Cubase 12-2023-08-09-182207.ips (11.3 KB)

hello ???


Could you please provide more details, what exactly does this mean? Does it mean Cubase doesn’t start at all? Do you see at least the splash screen? Do you see something is loading? What is the last item, you can see?


To me it looks like there is an issue on the system level.

Anyway, I reported it to Steinberg.

thank you Martin
waiting for the feedback