crash on project load

I’m trying load a project which was recorded on C5 in another studio. Halfway through loading the channels, I get the runtime error, serious problem warning, please try and save under a different name blah blah, but cubase is already inoperative. When I go to look at the crash dump file, it has 0Kb file size. So I don’t have any idea what is the source of the crash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When this happens it’s typically because the interface is different or the plugins used on the project are not the same.

I have opened SX3 projects in C6.5 so I know it can be done. And keep in mind, once the project is open, you need to remove all the plugins from the channels that you don’t have versions of - as in every one of them typically. That’s work sometimes. Then connect your VST channel connections, the output pair in particular.

After all of this, you can try to play the project. You probably rushed the job? It can be kind of tricky. One last thought, try dragging the C5 project onto the C7 desktop icon to open it.