Crash report while 'printing' in Graphics mode


I don’t know if people look at crash reports for Dorico 4, but I now have Dorico repeatedly crashing, with different files. It happens when I click “Export” to print off a graphics version of a layout in Print mode (see screendump). It doesn’t always happen, but about 50% of the time. This problem only started a few days ago, so it’s very puzzling, and makes me suspect that some setting somewhere is “wrong”. The only thing I did in the last few weeks was trying to connect to a Bluetooth speaker, i.e. I had to do things in Device Setup (but that shouldn’t be related to Print/Export??)

I have a crash-diagnostics file to attach (though right now it’s not 100% obvious how I can attach that).

The original is not blank, by the way, that happened while screendumping for some reason. Attaching diagnostics here (if it works).
Dorico (785.1 KB)

We’ll certainly be happy to look at your crash reports. On Windows they’re typically pretty big, so you can’t in general attach them here, so please either post them somewhere on some cloud storage and post a link here, or email them to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll take a look. The easiest way to make sure we get everything we need to investigate the problem is to do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and share the resulting zip file.

Hi Daniel,

I had already attached the diagnostics report in a reply. Let me know if you can’t open this, and I can resend as a link, as you suggest.

I had one more crash since reporting this to the forum, and it DIDN’T happen when exporting to graphics, so I’m no longer sure it only happens at that point. In any case, hopefully the diagnostics will clarify things to you.

Best regards,


Unfortunately there are no crash logs contained in the diagnostics you uploaded. Would you please check the instructions under Dorico is crashing, what do I do? in the FAQ thread to check that your computer is set up to create crash dump files?

Ok, sorry. I’m a bit surprised ,because I’ve made this registry key change before. It must have been on my old computer, unless I have to redo this for every Dorico upgrade. Will post at the next crash.

Daniel, just to close this out: I’ve had no further crashes since I installed the RegEdit, so there’s no crash reports to share.

I’m almost certain this is because I’ve removed a Bluetooth connected speaker through the Windows Bluetooth control panel (in case this is still of some interest).

Thanks for the update. Please let us know if the problem recurs!