Crash report

Dorico 3.5 has crashed twice recently, both times as I was doing something completely routine like duplicating down a stave or sending down an octave. I created the Diagnostics zip file below this morning, but I don’t know whether it contains the details required to get to the bottom of what happened. One clue - I’m sure I saw, very fleetingly, the words ‘Audio engine died’ (or similar) as the program, well, died, on one of the two occasions.
Dorico (1.7 MB)

Thanks for the crash report. There’s only one report contained in the diagnostics, and it shows that Dorico crashed when attempting to update the system track display. I guess this isn’t something that’s readily reproducible, but please do let me know if you can figure out how to reproduce it at well.

My crashings are working to the London Bus principle, in that I’ve now had three in quick succession after many months of stability. I’m fairly sure that it was the Crtl+S save command that triggered this last one (the save wasn’t, in fact, executed, if that’s any help in diagnosis). I have also noticed that Dorico has been very much slower for the past few days than it was immediately before: the main sign of this has been the repitching function, where I can tap in a couple of dozen notes and then watch as they get repitched at maybe one-second intervals. My machine, apparently, has eight cores, and further details are: “Intel(R) Core™ i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.79 GHz, Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.8 GB usable)”. Are there any clues in the attached report?
Dorico (1.6 MB)
[UPDATE] A day later, and (in case this helps with explaining the crashes) now Dorico seems to be running as fast as before, with repitching commands now being reflected instantaneously on the screen. [Later] Ah, I’ve solved one thing. I’m using dual monitors showing the same full score (easier to copy items from e.g. the bottom of one to the top of the other), and the repitching slowness thing only happens if the supplementary (source) screen is in Page View (and uncondensed, by the way). Switch it to Galley View and the process becomes fast again.