Crash sometimes - After Recording, Open Project and Loop in recording


I used Auria, but has been having too many crash problems and decided to buy Cubasis 3 a few days ago. But I think that did not solve my problem.

I have had crash problems with Cubasis 3 IOS and it has happened in 3 different situations, one of which occurs more often, but not always.

  1. This problem occurs more frequently when: Immediately after finishing a recording, whatever option I select, Cubasis closes unexpectedly, having to be opened again. So far I haven’t missed anything, but I don’t feel safe to record long songs. In all situations, I was recording 5 audio tracks simultaneously.

  2. This occurred twice: Impossibility to stop recording. I noticed that this happened when the loop was active in the record situation, and I was unable to stop, Cubasis was in a loop recording forever, it was necessary to close and reopen.

  3. This occurred twice: Crash when I open an existing project. I already read the Known Issues CBT-1219, but in this case, the project was created under the same conditions of sample rates. By definition I only use 44.1Khz.

iPad Pro 12.9 "- ISO 13.3.1 - From 128gb I have 53gb available
Only Cubasis 3 open and Wi-Fi off
Audio Interface: Focusrite 8i6
Cubasis 3: 3.0.2

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards,
By Alex

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your message.
I am sorry to read about your crash issues.

Are you able to provide us with exact steps to reproduce the problem (please see our bug form below)?
In addition, do you have a project where the problem is clearly reproducible?

This would allow our engineers to take a look at the issue.
Once we’re able to see it, there is a good chance to see it resolved.

Thanks again,

I think I’ve been having similar problems not being able to stop playback on timeline, but not during recording.

Hi Kitesrfun1,

If possible, please provide us with reproducible steps.


Hey Lars,

It may be difficult to reproduce and may be project specific, but I mention doing this in the other thread.

“I’ve been having the same issue with previous versions of Cubasis, where the transport controls freeze up and I’m unable to stop playback. I’ve gone through great lengths to conserve memory and CPU/DSP during my sessions with my 2018 iPad Pro, but it still occurs very frequently. I’ve made sure to freeze tracks, deactivate EFXs, etc.

Oddly, while I can’t stop playback I’m still able to do many other mixing, mediabay, and various other functions while it’s stuck. “

I feel like it may happen more when I have section of my project on loop - then when it loops back I’ve noticed a spike in the CPU/DSP Meter for a second.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Kitesrfun1,

Do you have any chance to provide us with a repro, or a clip which shows all steps until the issue appears?
This would be helpful to enable our engineers to evaluate the problem.