crash: when adding search line in batch

Wavelab 7.1
mac osx 10.6.7

-run WL7.1
-open batch process
-click + to add files
-type a name in the open dialog’s search field
-click the plus (next to save) to add a search line


This can be reproduced every time. I purchased WL7 in order to convert a large sound effects library (from SD2 to wave) because Nuendo 5 fails when attempting to convert SD2 files on import, and then I discovered this crash bug in WL7.

Thanks much, hopefully this is an easy repro internally.
crash on (15 KB)

Thanks for the report. Could you please show a picture with the dialog where the following is done:

click the plus (next to save) to add a search line


If you search via finder you will know what I’m talking about… the search field up at the top right. When you’ve entered a search term, under it it says save, next to that there is a plus sign, click it to drop down another search criteria. This is included on all open dialogs.