Crash when closing projects

I think I have reported this earlier, but since the problem still exists even in the latest version of Dorico I thought it’d be fair to just mention that every time I close a project Dorico crashes.

This seems to be Mac-specific since I’ve never had those problems on my Win PC.
I’m using a 2018 MBP, i7, 16GB RAM and Latest Monterey

Dorico 5-2023-07-25-073426.ips (52.5 KB)

Can you please reproduce the problem once more, then run Dorico and immediately do Help > Create Diagnostic Report so we can see exactly what was happening just before you closed the project? How are you closing the project – using the keyboard shortcut, or clicking the red traffic light in the corner, or by quitting the application altogether, or some other way?

Ah, I’m sorry, I thought everything was in that file. Here is the Zip-file.

The program crashes no matter what I do, either with the red traffic light or Close project [ ⇧⌘ W]
Dorico (922.9 KB)

It looks from a quick examination of the application logs that in fact Dorico does not crash every time you close a project – rather, when it crashes, you always have another project open, and Dorico is switching back to that project. Can you confirm that this is the case, i.e. that provided you only have one project open at a time, Dorico doesn’t crash when you close the project?

To try this out I just started Dorico from a newly restarted computer and created a new project from the wizard. Saved the empty file on my desktop and closed it with the red stop light → CRASH!

Here is the report from that crash:
Dorico (763.3 KB)

…and yes, no other projects open…

I’m frequently getting a notice when I start D5 that a crash had previously occurred, and it offers to send the info to Steinberg (which I always assent to). I haven’t noticed any issues otherwise.

Here’s my Diagnostic Report
Dorico (831.6 KB)

Hi @falhousen ,
in your diagnostics are 7 crash files of the audio engine where 6 of them are actually crashes in Pianoteq 8 and one crash in Superior Drummer 3.
Since you most likely did not notice the crashes it most likely happened while shutting down Dorico. Then during startup again, Dorico finds the new crash file and asks you what to do with them.
So please take those crash files (file ending is .ips) to the respective plug-in vendor and ask them for a fix.

Any news on these constant Mac-crashes?

Can you provide a new set of diagnostics, please, Mats?

Here is a new one.
Dorico (602.2 KB)

I have been having those every day, several times a day (actually, each time I quit Dorico). What I’ve understood: PianoTeq has solved that issue with their last update (for which I have something to do, since I spoke to them as soon as the problem arised, and they specifically made that fix a new feature of that version). The main problem I have now is with Relab Development’s LX480, which is kinda painful, since this reverb is truly excellent. They’re working on it, although Dorico is not supported officially. We’re in the dark for now, because I have no intel to send them, apart the fact that Dorico crashes silently at shutdown.
The last problem I have (and they’re looking into it too, with the same issue Relab Development has: it just happens at shutdown, so it seems difficult to diagnose and cure) is with Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3. I see you’re having problems too, it would be a very good idea to alert their support, so that I’m not the only one and there’s some interest for them to address that problem :wink:

Interesting, even though I’m not using any of the libraries you mentioned. My standard setup , depending on type of project, consists of NotePerformer, Garritan JABB and Garritan CFX.
But as I’ve mentioned earlier, Dorico crashes (on my Mac only) everytime I quit and/or close a project. It’s actually not a big problem since it only happens when I’m ending a session or closing a project., but in some situations when e.g. switching between different projects it can be a bit annoying. Anyway, a bug is a bug and should be treated accordingliy. :wink:
Cheers :trumpet:
I hope my crash log helps a bit.

Here’s one crash I’ve just had after I had been working on building up the perc maps for Superior Drummer 3. This time, I don’t think it involves anybody else. I’ve sent it to the Toontrack support, hoping it will help them nail down what is the cause of all those crashes…
VSTAudioEngine5-2023-09-15-132750.ips (24.2 KB)

Marc, certainly your crash report indicates a problem in Superior Drummer 3, so you’re right to send that over to the people at Toontrack.

Mats, your crash looks the same as before. We’re still not sure why you’re seeing this crash and (it seems) nobody else is. I’ll ask the team to take another look and see if they have any further ideas.


I have noticed if I save my project using command and s and quickly press command Q to quit it freezes and I have to force quit it ….
To fix this is I press command and s I wait 5 seconds and then quit with out crashing

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Ok, I will try to make sure I wait before shutting Dorico down. The diffence with you is I don’t need to force quit Dorico. It does quit “as usual”. And I have had the same (apparently) problem with PianoTeq (now solved), LX480 and now Superior Drummer 3…
I wonder whether Dorico is more picky (or sensitive) than the previous versions. And I don’t understand why those plug-ins have problems with Dorico but not with Cubase. I thought they shared the same audio engine.

Well, it’s always nice to be unique in some way… :wink:
I tried delete D5 and reinstall it with no effect. Still crashes when closing projects or exiting D5.
Maybe I should delete all Dorico-associated files and do a clean re-install.

If you’ve already deleted and reinstalled it, then reinstalling again won’t help. Some user config files may have survived; and you could delete all your prefs, options, settings, etc, to get back to a ‘factory’ state; and then see if that crashes.

Also, supply a project file here, and see whether it crashes on anyone else’s computer.


As i mentioned earlier in this thread, it doesn’t seem to be related to specific projects. Even if I start a new empty project and close it, the program crashes. It doesn’t matter if I saved it or just close it unsaved.