Crash when hit F3?

Anyone else having any issues when you have a complex project brought up in Cubase 8 and you hit F3 (Mixer)?

In some big mixes i have been building I can hit F3 in C7.5 like I am playing Defender/Temepest/(insert 80’s video game here) and it do exactly what is should do…open and close the mixer.

If I hit it ONCE in C8 in the same project it locks up!

Anyone else having this issue?


Here is the error I am getting

Here is a video of the typical (yet random) crash when hitting F3

Problem happens around 2:05

Just locks it up solid!

This little bug has me mixing two albums in 7.5.3. No way to trust C8 at the moment.

I actually tried mixing in C8 for about 3 hours yesterday. KNOWING all along that it was a waste of time but to see if there was any rhyme or reason to the crashes. This kept me from blowing a lid as I knew what to expect and was not going to freak out when several hours of work were lost.

All I am doing is opening big projects that were 30% in mix stage in 7.5.3. I then start to work. I can hit F3 and sometimes it works as it should and other times it crashes Cubase.

Hey Denicio,

I haven’t had any crashes like this myself. But looking at your “3.jpg” attached image, I can see that Cubase has made a dump file with info on the crash. I think steiny will be happy, if you could find the “xxxx.dmp” file in your “documents\steinberg\crashdumps*.*” folder, and attach it here. Since the crash probably is a random thing, it can be difficult to trace why it happens. But if you have a way of making the mixer crash every time, then please add some 1,2,3… etc. steps here, for what you’re doing before the crash happens :slight_smile: Then it will be easier to find the bug.

It says the dmp extension is not allowed.

I have serveral dump files I can share. How do I get them to Steinberg?

Hmm… what if you zip the files, and try to attach them? If you have more dump files from the same mixer crash, it would be good to have them here. But if the dumps doesn’t belong to the mixer crash you describe in this topic, it probably will confuse more than good is :slight_smile:

Just discovered it won’t help much with the dump files here, found this “.jpg, .gif and .png allowed”. So you can’t upload & attache anything else than pictures files.

You have to wait for a forum moderator, to check up on this.


Just confirming that I experienced the same crash a couple of times. It definitely occurred on a couple of occasions of pressing F3 during playback of a fairly complex mix. It did not happen when playback was stopped. Exactly like in your video, Denicio. One crash was a big one that required a hard restart of Windows.

(Incidentally, note that with the new C8 windows handling, as a workaround it seems you can just leave the mixer window “open” or minimized/hidden by the project window or an editor window, and use Alt+Tab to toggle through the various open windows, Windows-style. This works well but doesn’t make the crashes OK, of course.)

Before posting this I went back to that mix to see if I could reproduce the crash - this time it didn’t happen although I only tried once. I’ve had the “serious problem” crash a few times at various times and did not keep track of each thing that triggered it.

That’s all I have for now, hope it helps.

[Edit: I added this same post to the “Issues” post on the same topic. Sorry about double posting.]

I did get that crash on “F3” as well but only once and only with a project I just added tons of Slate VCC (in every channel). Since VCC is one of the older Slate plugins which have a certain reputation of crashing I attributed my crash to the Slate plugins.

I will try to reproduce it and have a look at my crashdump as well.

I have a project that crashes 100% when I hit F3.
The mix console shows up, but C8 does not respond to any input, and eventually the crash dialog appears (and I’d better reboot the machine at this point).
The number of tracks is 100-ish, including group tracks and folders. Lots of VSTis and VSTes.

This is my current project I’ve been working on C7.0, which I exported and loaded into C8.

This crash has been blocking me to migrate to C8. I would appreciate an idea to work around this F3 crash.
Of course a quick fix is more than welcome. :wink:

OK, its nice to see that others are having the same crash via F3. Not that I want others to suffer my pain. But knowing its not just my problem and that others are also seeing it.
I’d be super uber happy to send someone a crash file…if they’d tell me where to send it (that is if they are even interested in seeing it).

Anyone out there…there …there… there…?

I’m glad this is being addressed here. As a general rule, keeping the window open underneath and alt-tab-ing it (or cntrl-tab or now even win-tab) stresses the system much less, of course, than redrawing the mixconsole with F3. I wonder if C8 is placing more demand on the system in general such that a better video card is in order? Seems like software upgrades always lead to eventual hardware upgrades. I dunno…

Having the same problem here, even on not so complex projects that barely touch 25% ASIO usage (about 10 tracks being monitored, some MIDI in and out, Kontakt, a couple of reverbs - PCM Native, Valhalla - and delays - Fabfilter).
On Win7 64bit, everything else is super-stable.

@Shagazulu if this is video-card related due to changed resource requirements for doing F3 in the new windowing system, my video card is a oldish (but silent) ASUS EN7300GT, it has (only?) 256Mb RAM…



Go to the main Steinberg website, go to '“MySteinberg”, then “MySupport”, (irc).

It’s a guess, but I think getting some more dedicated video memory would do the trick - 1 or 2 GBs. But I’d start by making sure your current video drivers are up-to-date, and also your OS, and seeing what happens.

Maybe your video card drivers just aren’t written well enough to support C8… or maybe C8 has some bug. Hard to say. Regardless, throwing money at the problem usually seems to help PC issues, in my opinion… new, different hardware. I had an old mouse stuttering issue with Win7 64-bit that I just couldn’t rid myself of until I simply went out and bought the latest, cheap Microsoft keyboard. Problem solved. My old keyboard wouldn’t play nice with the new OS, regardless of what I did. So there’s that…

At the moment I am running an:
ASUS GTX650-E-1GD5 GeForce GTX 650 1GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

I had a member PM me and stated the following:

“Removing videoengine.dll cured it.”

I have not done it yet to test it as i am neck deep in a mix i have to finish and don’t have the time to babysit a beta version of this software. When i am done with this mix i can tinker with C8. I was kinda hoping that Steinberg will have an update that fixes this before i have to go and start nuking .dll files.

Everything is up to date on the studio-PC, including drivers… Now, I have another silent card with 2Gb of RAM lying around, so I can try that - I haven’t been using it because DPC values are much worse when using that card… I’ll try with that and see if it makes a difference.

I’ll have a go at that now, but I doubt that will solve it. My understanding is that videoengine.dll is for rendering video in the player. Anyway, small effort to try it…

Let us know if deleting the DLL works for you.

Doesn’t work for me.


I had several BSOD with Cubase, Not just mixer related.
My Firewire Driver was not stable.
I found this by using WhoCrashed