Crash when I open Melda Production Plugins a second time

Hey guys.

When I load a Melda Production Plugin it opens correctly. But after closing the plugin window I can’t open it again. There is always this error message with the red X.

I also attach the CrashDump File.

What can I do?
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.15 14.03.dmp (1.04 MB)


The crash seems to be in Cubase, therefore I passed over to Steinberg.

I’m getting this type of problems with Wave V9 plugins on a Mac (Those on PC seem Not to have the issue)
In testing the only way so far I have been able to use the plugin to avoid the crash is to open the plugin menu (small arrow top right of plugin window) and select the generic editor which effectively bypasses the Plugins GUI. Not really ideal but stopped the crash and does allow you to keep working on the audio. Looks like an issue in GUI processing on some plugins on a Mac.
This occurs in both High Sierra and Mojave versions of the OS. Current Steinberg suggestion update the plugins. However that brings other potential problems in respect of Wave plugins as versions 9 and 10 cannot co exist.
Here’s hoping Steinberg can find a fix as I hate these “us or them” software compatibility issues between manufacturers.


With updated Melda Plug-ins to version 12.07 the crash is no longer happening on my mac. Can you confirm, please?


I had to update, 12.07 works for me I can confirm (Win 10)