Crash when loading a specific session and doing nothing

Hi all and thanks.
I have a specific session that after I load it and leave Cubase alone for few miuntes, the host just crashes.
This is consistent, and I have logs but I can’t be sure what is causing this issue. Cubase Safe-Mode is blaming

I have tons of tracks and plugins and offline processes, so I really hope that the dump file can find the issue.

Cubase 11.0.40, Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.
Cubase 11_2022-08-30-221501_Idans-iMac-Pro.crash (661.8 KB)

But have you disabled preferences or 3rd party VSTs to be able to eliminate some causes?

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I didn’t tried yet, because it Cubase claims the Cubase is the issue. And as I have the crash log I really hoped someone here would be able to find the issue from it.

This is not how to troubleshoot. Don’t reinvent the wheel, instead, use the method provided by the developer to troubleshoot.

I’m not reinventing the wheel, there are logs, why shouldn’t we use them and waste tons of time?
Developers should know how to read the log…

Do as you please. But a crash log on it’s own is only sometimes informative, and, this is a user forum, so your messages are not directed to the dev team. You can contact support through your local distributor, of course.

But they (the dev team) has published resources to guide users’ troubleshooting, and it works well.

Could that troubleshooting guide be any older? WOW

Your crash log points to Cubase which means it could be many things. Usually Cubase Prefs get hosed up

  1. Trash your prefs and restart
  2. Make sure your e licenser is the most current
  3. Re install Cubase

yeah, it is old, but since this person is still on 11, I think it still applies.

How to get to SAFE mode is not there unless I missed it?

see this: Safe Mode Dialog.

  1. Make sure any prior Cubase versions are temporarily re-named before the re-install.
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