Crash when switching my cc121 on

Cubase Pro 12 was already open with a project loaded. Switched my CC121 on with the on/off button. Poof. Cubase gone.

Cubase 12-2022-09-01-211438.ips (155.2 KB)

That’s because USB has to be on before opening Cubase , otherwise it will crash

Are you sure?
I don’t think it crashes all the time when I switch the CC121 on while Cubase is running. And I can switch on my Korg Wavestate, connected via USB, any moment without ill effects.

Maybe Monterey related? I upgraded a couple of weeks ago, and I have seen more MIDI related weirdness.

Why turn the controller on after , all peripherals should be on before you start the software (apart from speakers )

I switch my CC121 off when not in use because it will prevent my hack from sleeping, even when Cubase isn’t running. This means more CO2/a higher electricity bill.

Is it a Hackintosh?

Yes, it is.

In that case you might have to figure this out on your own.

Something might be wrong or missing in regard to USB device kexts and config. Steinberg won’t support it for obvious reasons.

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The crash is in iZotop Ozone.