Crash when trying to DOP Reverence

I’m on the latest version. Just got crash today after trying to DOP a stereo file with Reverence. ”Try to save…”

I thought this was fixed already in the previous version but it seems not to be the case? I never tried this on previous version tho…

Bye / Tumppi

Hi Tumppi,
yes, I can confirm that any combination of Reverence and DOP causes a crash or a freeze.
I had an issue in November 2019. I sent a support ticket to Steinberg in November, never heard from them again, and when I just checked it, they put its status to “solved” (while it’s not)… :imp:

This was my issue:

Dear Madam, Sir,
When I’m trying to apply Reverence on a mono event in a mono track in Direct Offline Processing, Nuendo shows an “empty” instance of Reverence. When I browse for an impulse response and choose one (doesn’t matter which one) Nuendo crashes and hangs. 100% reproducible.

Recently I got a message from Steinberg Support, regarding another issue which I submitted through MySteinberg/ Support, and they simply said something like “Just install Nuendo v10.2.2 and it will solve all your problems” (not literally of course) and I -constructively- replied with astonishment and frustration. I am not sure if Steinberg understands the needs of their clients any more, and I’m afraid (and quite frustrated) that our issues will just be put on a pile of reports wich are automatically turned into “solved” after a couple of months? :frowning:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hi everyone!
I’m having the same issue.
Has someone solved this problem?

Just checked, can’t reproduce on N10.3.

Mr. Tumppi, which graphic card are you using?


Try to install the latest driver for your GPU (it’s 457.51 for the model I use).
Before updating driver you need to uninstall existing driver using Display Driver Uninstaller.
It seems this solved my problem with program crashing and bad full screen video playback as well…

This was about reverence and DOP.

Yes, it’s exactly what I’m talking about. GPU drivers (particularly nVidia) can cause some problems with complex audio processes like convolution reverbs are.
I suggest to everyone who has similar problems to try with different graphic driver version.
It remains unclear why Steinberg very rarely or not at all reacts to our requests to solve these problems…

But the problem is no longer bothering me. At least not on N10.3.