crash when unplugging audio interface

Hello, I am using Dorico with macOS 10.13.6 and constantly switching between the Built-In output and my MOTU Ultralite.
Each time I disconnect my MOTU, Dorico crashes.
I just lost two hours of work because of this bug, and Dorico doesn’t have any recovery option at startup such as “Dorico crashed, do you want to recover your work?”.
Just wanted to mention this out there, in case other users have recommendations.

When you say “unplugging/disconnecting” - do you mean physically removing the interface, or just switching the audio output setting?

I can recommend ForeverSave 2, on the Mac App Store, which automatically saves files for you. You can set which applications to save, how often, and keep each save as a separate version, all automatically.
That will help to minimize any loss if you haven’t done a manual save.

It’s possible that the crash could be caused by a bug from a combination of factors in the OS, the MOTU drivers for the hardware, and/or Dorico itself, of course.

First of all, I’d recommend that before ripping out your MOTU, you’d better go to Edit > Device Setup and change to Built-in Audio.
Then the crash should not happen.

I’ve just exercised this myself with my iMac: While Dorico is playing, unplug my USB audio interface. Well, Dorico kept playing, no crash, but also keyboard and BlueTooth mouse were gone. Had to reboot several times until finally the audio interface got recognized again by the Mac. I was even bold enough to repeat this and again same situation. So I don’t recommend anyone to do this as well.

If you are willing, then please do again, let it crash. Start Dorico again and go to Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

@benwiggy thanks for the ForeverSave 2 tip, I had no idea such thing existed

@Ulf thanks! I guess I figured the same thing out yesterday: never hot unplug the audio interface that is selected in Dorico.
Changing it manually in the preferences before unplugging avoids this crash.

More generally I would say not to unplug any hardware that is used by any application before saving

most of the audio applications that I am using - Cubase included - work very well with plugging/unplugging audio interfaces

Yes indeed, and we strive to ensure that the same is true in Dorico. I just mean as a general principle, saving your work before removing hardware that an application is using is advisable.

There is a similar phenomenon.
I have been using an external display connected via HDMI.
Dorico uses the HDMI port as audio output.
When awakening from sleeping, I see that Dorico is crashed, occasionally.
Other programs like Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Finale etc., show a warning message that the HDMI device is disconnected. I think it is a problem (or an expected behaviour of macOS?) However, it would be great if this does not occur.