Crash while editing percussion kit

Dear Dorico developer,

yesterday I encountered twice at the same operations a crash while adding and editing a new percussion kit. Please find attached the crash dump.
I added a new solo player, created an new empty kit and went to Edit Percussion Kit. Then I added a Bass Drum by double clicking on the instrument in the list. This appeared in the kit. Then I added the same way a Cymbal, this did not appeared in the kit, but was added to the Solo Player and then it crashed. I tried this twice.
When I created a new document and performed there these steps, then the created Cymbal appeared in the kit and Dorico did not crash. So my workaround was, that I created there the kit, exported it and then imported it into my bigger score.
As a side note, I had already in the big score a Bass Drum, but I wanted to have in the kit a second one.

As a side point: I have a big score and all changes within the Setup mode take really very long. Adding a new Flow takes about a minute. As well adding a new instrument takes about the same time. Are there options on my side to speed this up - except to by a new system :slight_smile:?

In case that you are interested I could send you my project.

I am working on a MacBook Pro from 2015 with the latest Dorico version. (44.8 KB)

Sorry you’ve encountered some crashes: I will pass the logs on to the team to see if they can figure out what might be going wrong. My suspicion is that if you have a particularly large project, when you add an instrument to a kit, it has to update the layout behind the dialog immediately, which will take an appreciable amount of time (just like adding a new player and instrument in Setup mode is slow in a big project), and if you try to do something else in the dialog before it’s fully finished, maybe somehow that can cause a crash.

We know that a lot of operations in Setup mode are very slow, and it remains a target of ours to improve the performance of these operations. You may find that they are faster if you are not looking at the full score layout when you do them. You can try this: close all tabs in your current project so that you can only see a single layout; switch to a part layout that shows only one instrument; then close and reopen the project. Now do the operations you need to do in Setup mode, and finally switch back to the full score layout. It will take a while to switch back to the full score layout, but in the meantime the previous operations should all have been somewhat faster.