crash with copy/paste

I have a Dorico file that originated from an xml file. If I filter chords symbols and copy/paste them into another file they come out as signposts and Dorico crashes.
The diagnostic file is too large to attach here ;-(

EDIT - I re-input one chord and all the signposts turned into chord symbols… :astonished:

I’d be very interested to see this crash log, and the project as well, especially if the crash is reproducible. You can email the project and the diagnostics to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Regarding the fact that chord symbols remain as signposts when you paste into a new project, that is the designed behaviour if the destination instrument is not a rhythm section instrument or hasn’t had chord symbols shown in Setup mode. When you explicitly input a chord symbol onto that instrument, then Dorico assumes you really do want to see the chord symbol and so automatically sets the chord symbol visibility option for that instrument in Setup mode.

ok - I can’t find that in the manual.
Email sent :slight_smile:

Start here: Changing the layouts in which chord symbols appear