crashdump on all closing session


each time i close a session i have a crashdump message.
i have to terminate nuendo with ctrl+alt+del and launch it again.
this is a huge waste of time…
any one have this ? i have no idea where it comes from.
i just sent a message to support but i never get any message from them so i don’t expect much.
is it possible to open the .dmp and read where the problem could come from ? is it only steinberg that can do so ?

W7x64 / nuendo 7.0.20 + nek / 16ram / corei7 / rme fireface /

Can be cause by pretty much anything.
There was a time when the Eucon adaptor caused this, but that was resolved with one of the Eucon updates.


I’ve got the same problem since N6.5

Same with us, Crash on exit of N6.5 (been that way since the day I installed N6.5)
(N6.0 is fine)


You can use WinDbg to get some information about the dump file. Crash on close in my experience is usually caused by a plugin.

thx for help …
i’m not sure WinDbg is easy to use. I’m not a developer. i can’t even find what version to install…
and it says it needs to install some drivers so i might not want to risk bad installation.

Get the standalone version. Run it, open a dump file, type “!analyze -v” and it should give you some information as to what caused the crash.

thx likelystory.
i was a bit upset about that bug so i took 2 hours to eleminates plugs and vst etc… on my crashing session.
i found something :

i have 4 instances of kontakt5.
one of them has on one of it’s output track 2 instance of softube abbey road plugin.
if i remove those plug in the session can close ok.
but i have this plug in on other tracks that are not kontakt and it’s not a problem.

it’s like if this plug on kontakt cause problem when closing session.
it also cause problem when removing the kontakt instance that has these plugins.
BUT… if i create an empty session with only konakt 5 and put those plugins on it i can close the session with no problem… even if i load this kontakt with lots of sounds and open multiple outputs of kontakt and put this plug on each outputs … session close ok.

so there’s more to it but at least i can close this dam session now.

i was happy to fast…
i have that crash again.
this template i use was ok for weeks.
now every session i create from it crash on close session. there’s not the dbl plug on kontakt thing i thought was the problem… i’m really pissed and tired with this.