Crashes after long session time and quit

Hi everybody,

I’m working with Cubase 6.5.0 on OSX 10.7.4 and experience more and more “crashes” in the following situations:

When a session is open for some time (app. 1 hour), I press play, the music starts, but I’m unable to control anything and have to “force quit” the application.

When trying to quit a session, I see the “beachball of death” and have to force quit the application.

Could anybody give me a hint on how to solve this probem?


Try to update to the latest version: 6.0.7.

What plug-ins do you use in the project? Is this problem with all projects, or only with some of projects? What about your system optimization?

Hi Martin

thanks for your repl! Yes, it happens with all sessions, even with “plug-in free” sessions. As for the latest version: I have 6.5.0, you mention 6.0.7, the last downloadable update is 6.5.0 - or do I miss something?



Oh, I’m sorry. So, if you have 6.5, you can update to 6.5.1. But as you probably know: “Hotfixes do not pass the whole test cycle. They are released preliminarily in order to provide a quick solution for specific problems.”

What about your system optimization?

no problem :wink:

Yes, I did a system optimization including disc check & repair and permissions check & repair - but this didn’t help.
As for the update to 6.5.1: I can only find 6.5.0 on the Steinberg site - is there a special place for hotfixes?


There is hotfix on the link, I sent you before. This one.

Tahnks a lot! :wink:

Well, I’ve installed version 6.5.3 now, but still closing a session ends in a unresponsive Cubase… I guess, I have to wait for a new release?

Can you ty tresh (or rename) preferences?

Thanks so much I’ll give it a try first thing tomorrow… :slight_smile:

…another day, another try, but still the same problem:

I’ve trashed preferences, run additional system and file system checks, repaired permissions, but the problem still remains. I wonder if anybody from the forum or from Steinberg might be able to read the crash report in order to figure out what happens here…


…I guess I have to accept, that “force quit” is the only way to finish a cubase session though… :wink:

Please, Steinberg, any ideas about this? Is there a way to find out via the crash report why this happens now almost every time I use Cubase?