Crashes and dorico diagnostics

Hi, I had a lot of crashes, some times when I quit the software but also during the work. Many advice that "the file has been modified in the hard disk would you like to upload " (what is better to do in this case?) and many advice “recover file”. i’m using macbook pro with ventura 13.4.1
thnk you

Dorico (712.0 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Roberto. There are two crash dumps in your diagnostics: one of them is a crash on exit that some other users have experienced, and which will (we hope) be fixed in our next update, when it arrives.

The other crash appears to be when opening a project, possibly from iCloud Drive. If you’re experiencing some instability in that area, it might be worth trying copying that file to another location and opening it from there.

Thank you Daniel for your message. I’m working storing the files in dropbox but my dropbox is not connected on line at the moment. I had another crash now opening the rproject. I’m afraid I can loose the work. What do you suggest?


this is my new diagnostic

Dorico (597 KB)

Hi, I’m having crashes during tha work and once in a while a stripe attached appears.
thank you for helping
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Dorico (508.3 KB)

What is an attached stripe, if I may ask?

Screenshot 2023-08-25 alle 11.33.33

Sorry I diddn send the attachment…

I’ve added your new posts to your previous thread, Roberto, since I suspect these issues are all related.

To stop Dorico showing you that warning, in the Files section of the General page of Preferences, deactivate Warn when open project is updated outside Dorico, moved, or deleted.

The crash in your most recent diagnostics appears to be related to a problem with the audio engine; it looks like the audio engine has hung or frozen (since there’s no crash log, but it’s not responding and that’s why Dorico is crashing). Are you using any third-party virtual instruments with Dorico? If so, which ones?

sorry I forgot the attachment. Here it is
thank you for your answer

Screenshot 2023-08-25 alle 11.33.33.png