Crashes in

I’m just about to finish an orchestral piece and now Dorico keeps crashing.

In these two scenarios Dorico crashes on every attempt:

  1. I’ve made some new Master Pages in this version, both for score and parts. Changing Master Page on all parts in Layout Options → Page Template causes a crash. It works though when changing on just a couple at the time.

  2. Hitting ‘W’ on a note in the flute to move to the flute part causes a crash every time.

I started this project from scratch in this latest Windows version,

Since the diagnostics file is a bit to large to attach here I’ll provide a link to download it from my Google Drive:

After deleting all the default layouts and then created new ones I can now switch to the parts and also import different Master Pages. It seems that there were some corrupt stuff in the part layouts then.

[EDIT 2]
Well, it worked for a while… Now it crashes immediately when trying to Recover the file on restart…

[EDIT 3]
Now I’ve tried several times to delete all layouts and create new ones. Switching to a layout works fine, but when importing the master page to that layout Dorico crashes immedeately.
Here is a new Diagnostics file if that’ll help.

Can you please attach the project that is causing the crashes? It looks like there is something unexpected about the project that is tripping Dorico up.

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@dspreadbury , Now I’ve emailed the files to you, since i don’t want the project spinning around here, hope that’s ok.

Chers! :slight_smile: