Crashes on playback after upgrade

Hi guys, I just upgraded the main components of my DAW and unfortunately I’m now having a bit of trouble with a small number of my previous projects. They will load up but as soon as I hit play Cubase crashes and I get a “Cubase has stopped working” message from Windows. It’s not happening on all my projects but on the ones that it does it happens every time. I did a completely fresh install of Windows and my programs/plug-ins with the upgrade.

I’m using the latest version of 8.5 on Win 10 Pro 64-bit.

PC spec is: i7 9600k, Asus X99 A-II, 64Gb RAM.

Any ideas on what might cause this?

for somehow, it got a reason, why it crash just in ones of you´re projects and not on all or the main Cubase-sessioning. maybe you´ve got a damaged or not compatible Plug-in in these projects. when Cubase crashes, is it in most of all cases a main CPU-overload, so maybe these projects are bigger in size, got more tracks in or even more Plug-ins loaded in those projects. did you perceived something like that, when you´ve activated (loaded) the projects?


Do you mean HW upgrade? In this case it seams, one of the component doesn’t work well.

Test your system by using LatencyMon.

I would also recommend to have a look if it’s not plug-in related (if it happens with some projects only).

I can’t seem to find a common link between the projects that crash and those that don’t, some are big and other are smaller than ones that do open fine. Most of my projects are quite large though 150+ tracks, lots of plug-ins and VST’s etc.

Yes I’ve upgraded my PC hardware, everything else is the same.I used latency mon to test, basically just opened it up, hit the play icon and let it run for a few minutes, it reported that the system should be able to handle real time audio.

I should have plenty of power in this new system, the old system would never crash on playback but I was getting more and more dropouts, running out of RAM etc, hence why I upgraded.

I thing, this is nit an performance issue. But I would recommend to test your system by LatencyMon anyway, as I already sugfested.