Crashes switching projects

I’m having crashes when I try to open a new /existent project from inside an opened project. If I quit VST live and reopen it loads new projects without problems. Is it my system only?

Hi @Pieffe,

I cannot reproduce your crash. Can you please have a look and check if a crash log was created?

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Thanks Michael, I found the problem. The Reaplugins from Cockos and specifically the Restream is causing the problem. It needs to be shutdown before removing it (otherwise VSTlive crashes also) After removing it from the output bus no crashes occur, but is quite hard to remove it as it keeps crashing. Is there a way from your side to deal with the shutdown of plugins in VST when exiting?

Hi @Pieffe,

I guess

  • I need to download the ReaPlugs VST FX Suite,
  • Create a VL Project
  • Insert ReaStream as an Insert to a MAIN Out
  • Save project


  • Open the HUB with “New Project”
  • Be sure that “Prompt For Project Location” is enabled
  • Select New project
  • Select Folder and Cancel Dialog


  • Select another project is enough?

Beside this : Can I ask about your workflow with ReaStream? You use that plug-in to send the Audio-Stream of VST Live through your LAN network to another DAW? continue working in that DAW?

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I use it to be able to collect video and sound with OBS. In my experience the best plugin for this purpose (no delays etc)

The issue is that once Reastream is activated in VSTLive is hard to deactivate without crashing

… thanks for the info.

… fixed and ready with the next update.

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