Crashes when changing audio input or output in Preferences


Is there anybody who can change audio input or output in Preferences without crashing?
Just because of this crash, I’m totally unable to use VST Live. I’m a little bit furious with that.
In the hub, midi inputs are not memorized. I have to set them at every stat
Is there a way to keep the VSTViewer open when changing song?
Every time I press the Escape key, VST Live crashes.
Every time I press the Panic button, VST Live crashes.

Thank you for reading me

hi there,

All of these are related. Changing i/o resets the audio driver. The Escape key issues a Panic command which also resets the audio driver. You may disable audio reset for Panic in Edit/Preferences/Audio/Panic, and issuing Panic should no longer crash.

We need to know your audio interface and OS. Of course this should not crash and so far has not been reported.

Those are default ports. When you create a new Layer, the Default Layer Template is applied. In fact, the first MIDI Input is that of the Default Layer. Set up a Layer to your liking (incl. input), and apply Layers/Save Default Layer, from then on every newly created Layer will use those settings.
Apart from that, see Devices/Connections to create and manage ports.

Coming with the next version.

Thanks for your answer.

When I change the audio input and output, VST Live crashes with my Motu 16A or Tascam 16X08 or the internal speakers of the computer. It’s possible that the problem is not because of the audio interface.

What is your computer?

It was custom made by Slick Audio 2019
Memory 64 GB
Intel Core I 7 8700 K 6 core 3.7 GHZ
THunder bolt 3
3 hard drives
Windows 10

It depends. Which ASIO driver did you use?
As said, we didn’t have such a report so far. It might be a combination of your “special” computer and/or the audio interface hardware (unlikely, because you used several interfaces if I got this right), or audio driver.
Do you use other audio software with those devices? As no such behaviour is known to us, we need as many details as possible in order to help you.
When you change ports, or apply other audio reset functions (like Panic, when audio reset is enabled), the ASIO driver is told to reconfigure, and that appears to cause a crash with your system. Probably also when you use “Control Panel”, right?
Also crashlogs might help.

… please have a look in the following folder for crashlogs
Please share them with us,

My computer is not “special”.I work with an Apple computer (Intel) and I use only one audio interface. I work commonly with only the 16A MOTU. I have tried with the Tascam too and it crashed. So, as I’m on Mac, I can’t find C:\Users\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps.

I don’t use any other soft while using VST Live.

Unfortunatly I need to use 16A inputs and I’m unable to select them without crashing. So I can’t do nothing with VST Live. I bought it for nothing. Could you tell me where is the crashlog?

I just tried to do the same thing (changing Audio I/O) with my Macbook pro M1 Apple and VST Live crashes too.

The CrashLog for macOS are located here


Sorry, meant to have been answering to fredsiyufy…hard to keep track at times :slight_smile:

Sorry for being late. I was out of home. Here is the crashlog file.

vstlive-2022-12-02-112331.ips (31.4 KB)

is there a way to get a refund. I will never be on stage with this full bugs soft. I’ve returned to Mainstage

… sorry, I’ve missed that info. I’ve analysed the crash log and your Pianoteq Plug-In crash while quitting VST Live. You are running version 8.0.0 of Pianteq. Can you please update to version 8.0.3? Maybe that will help? If not I will try to get in contact with the Pianoteq Dev Team.

See you,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, VST Live crashes with Pianoteq 8.0.3. But you’r right because VST Live doesn’t crash with a new project without Pianoteq.

… I’ve tried VST Live 1.1.30 and Pianoteq 8.0.3. The Pianoteq was loaded into a Layer and quitting the application was successfully. No crash. Can you please try it again with the latest version of VST Live? If it is still crashing, please send me the latest crash log and I will contact Modartt.

Thank you,

It’s working very well. I can change the audio input only if Pianoteq is in layer, not directly assign in a midi track out. Thank you so much because I’d really like to use VST Live instead of Apple MainStage.