Crashes when I open the mixer or video player


Running Cubase 7 on a Windows Vista 32 bit system.

I was working on a small project and then suddenly Cubase (7.0.1) “disappeared”. I use that word, because it didn’t shut down or crash. It just disappeared in a split second and my desktop showed up. When I double click the C7 icon it starts up as normal and everything seems fine (C7 doesn’t remember my “recently opened” files though). I can load the project (and other older projects as well) work, edit and play them. But when I hit F3 to open the mixer window Cubase dissappears again as described. The same thing happens when I try to open the video player (F8).

I updated to 7.0.2 but that didn’t work. I haven’t installed anything new on my machine for a month or so and it usually works like a charm. It not connected to the Internet. Any ideas as to what this is all about?

I just found out, that I can open the project I created in Cubase 7 with Cubase 6.0.3 which I have installed on the same laptop. No problems opening and closing the mixer or viedo player there. Only problem is, that I cannot use the Curve EQ since this is part of C7.

Now I’ll try to open the project in C7, export the tracks where I used the Curve EQ, and then do the rest of the project in C6. This is not the best solution, but at least I can get my project done in time with a little luck.

Still if anyone has an idea to a solution it would be much appreciated.


Can you send more information about your computer?

Can you try to trash your preferences? Just to be sure, tehere is no conflict in settings…