Crashes when opening video projects in Cubase 5.5

Hey all,

I was getting Cubase crashes when opening projects where I had a video in it.
Maybe it crashed because the video player was placed into my second monitor. And I saved it like that with all my video projects. Opening these projects led to crashes.

I finally found out how to fix the problem. When opening Cubase first click away the project assistant (or what it is called) then hit F8 for the video player and set it up. In my case it always pops up on my 2nd monitor. And then open any project with video in it. And it opens just fine.

Not sure why this bug is not happened to someone else, but I just figured to share the solution in case someone else get this problem too…

Hey Pliex,

I’m having problems with my video too. It’s become very laggy, so much so that it’s pointless attempting to score to it. I will try your solution and see if that works!



Try this :

From now on I can scroll/jog thru the projects without any lag !

Hi Pliex,

Thanks for the link - it works a treat!

Cheers and take care,