Crashing and crushing my dreams

Hello all:
Just upgraded to cube 11 pro and everything is going well except for a few things:

  1. Whilst loading a sample from the pool into a new sample track…I get a POOF! and back to windows desktop. In all fairness, it’s a sample of my guitarist, who frightens children so it could be his fault.
  2. loading any of the new vst effects into the inserts causes the effect to not turn on and then not allowed to be removed. Stubborn little squasher to say the least.
    Win 10 pro, Cubase 11 pro, Uphoria 18 interface.

Sounds like you might have your delay constrain compensation on. It’s a little button up in the left corner that looks like a circle.Disengage that and give it a shot. When I upgraded I also had to uninstall all my previous versions reinstall all my drivers especially the Yamaha midi USB driver. Then I had to clear my preferences by holding shift control when loading the program. The screen will pop up that gives you the option to clear preferences. Since then everything’s been great. I lost no progress and gained a lot of CPU.

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Hello and thank you very much for the suggestion: I do use this feature and I’ll try turning it off later tonight.

No problem good luck. I’ll check out the form regularly let me know how it worked out.

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Hello again. Well, after switching off the plugin delay constrain, I now have those plug-ins working. Unfortunately, starting up cube 11 in safe mode (preferences deleted) loading a sample into the sample track causes the poof of death. Guess I’ll need an update!