crashing on exit, should I be worried?

Crashes every time…even if I wait a few minutes, 10.15 never crashed on exit so went back to it but now it also crashes on exit :confused:
what could possibly cause this please?

Wondering if you changed/added anything to your VSTs? I read in a few posts that some think these crashes may be caused by a VST not releasing properly from memory.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Nope…only thing I’ve done is the cubase update… :slight_smile:

Can you start Cubase, don’t open a project, then close Cubase successfully? Do you use control room with plugins? I have had this issue and I am pretty sure it is from using certain plugins in the control room. I just don’t have the time these days to fully pin it down.

happens all the time. very annoying when need to restart Cubase

do you have anything running sound outside Cubase? My Cubase hangs on closing when I have open chrome with youtube or other apps running sound… if I close chrome first then Cubase close correctly

My music puter is not on the net…I can open and close Cubase if I do not open a project, I don’t use plugins in the control room…