Crashing Persistently

Good Evening all, hope someone can give this a look over…

Cubase has been crashing on startup since this morning…(not the first time it has happened like this), but, oh my, I can usually sort it myself, and now I am at my wits end.

Either cubase starts and gives me the “serious error, here’s a .dmp file” and then when I click “ok” or “Cancel”, all menus go black and cant access the program. Other times it just crashes before any projects load…new or otherwise.

I have attached the latest .dmp, and was hoping someone can have a look over it, as that is way out of my league.

Thank you in advance kind folks.
Cubase 64bit 2020.3.19 (926 KB)


THere is only one line in the stack text:


Please make sure your graphic card driver is up to date.

If it doesn’t help, try to use generic Microsoft driver instead of the manufacturer driver.


There are other threads about this issue here on the forum. It seems, the solution is downgrade the graphic card driver.