crashing project file to download


Here a crashing project when i opening it.
It’s seems to crash when it’s trying to open audio-01 channel

BUT !!
When i opened an other project,
and then i open this crashing project, cubase ask if i want to activate this, i click on OK,
then the project is open successfully …

Here to download the project (28M zip file containing cpr file and 2 wav file)

I have windows 7 64 bit, cubase pro 9.5.10 build 79


Could you share the crash dump file, please?

How do you open the project (for the 1st time, when it crashes)? From Steinberg Hub? From Cubase menu? Double-click to the project icon in the Explorer/Finder? Drag and drop to Cubase…?

It doesn’t crash to me, here.


thank you for having to try to open my project …

Could you share the crash dump file, please?

here the crashfile, it’s the last one.

How do you open the project (for the 1st time, when it crashes)?

From steinberg hub, but also from click on the project file, even when cubase is, or not, launched

Today, while i’m writing this reply, after trying to open this project to obtain the crash file, i re-opened cubase (by clicking the icon, then i try to open this project by the menu, before i have the file selector, cubase recrash here the crashin dump fileµ

As i wrote before, when i opening this project, after opening an other projet (or create one), cubase don’t crash … even if i closed the other or creating project. Cubase crash only if i open in first the crashing project.

Since one week, i install cubase 9.5, i have 17 crash file !!!

I did’nt say that I have a presonus audiobox 1818VSL release 1.3 … perhaps a reason …
I try to install, or re-install with new release and i tell you …


Both crashes are in the ieframe.

Ok !!!

I disabled any security functionality on IE (i don’t use it, i use Google Chrome)

I have opened successfully this project by menu, by hub, by clicking on project file etc …

Thank you Martin !!!