Crashing systems


I’m having trouble with systems fitting on one page.

I have a SATB and piano parts, six in total. Dorico 4 is able to fit these nicely on one page, two to a page until I add lyrics and volume symbols. Then the top left hand piano part crashes into the lower soprano part.

Any clues?

I suggest you change your ideal gaps in vertical spacing : I think your vocal staves could be less far apart… I suppose it would help Dorico, with that rastral size.

Also make sure that this page doesn’t have any staff spacing overrides (i.e. where you manually moved staves up/down in Engrave mode before adding the lyrics). Dorico will add extra space where needed because new notations have been added, so you don’t need to spread them out earlier.

You can also check how full Dorico calculates a page as being by looking at the frame fullness indicator at the bottom right of the page.

Thanks LH,

I started watching it an ‘zoned out’ after awhile and lo and behold he had fixed it.
I’ll have to watch it again.

I’ve noticed that in my score in Engrave mode that the percentage of the page used is over 100%. Not sure what that means except that it indicates a collision but was unable to fix it. Huh? Surely if Dorico knows it shouldn’t allow a collision.

Sometimes Dorico ends up putting one too many or one too few systems onto a page, because the height of systems is partially determined by their content (which bars are in the system), and there’s a circular calculation going on there and there comes a point when a decision has to be made.

You can help Dorico make better decisions automatically by adjusting your per-layout vertical spacing settings: set the first set of values to the smallest minimum values you’d accept, maybe slightly increase the gaps between staves/systems with content for extra padding when there are dynamics, lyrics etc, and use vertical justification to spread staves/systems out across the full height of pages.

There may be cases where you need to squeeze an extra system on a page (in order to save sheets of paper, enable page turns, whatever), and cope with the tight layout yourself.

You said above (if I recall correctly) that the systems fit until you added lyrics. While we would all like to see Dorico be able to handle such situations, the software cannot use recursive routines to keep re-calibrating spacing on the fly and still operate fast enough for the software to be usable. You may be able to make another pass through the material to add lyrics, because you are human, but (apparently, according to an explanation Daniel has given before) trying to program that into the software would make the program too slow.

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I wonder if there could be a solution to this kind of problem that involved something like a “Recalculate” button? Of course Dorico can only churn on so much automatic recursive calculation before the application gets bogged down. But if the result is not satisfactory, could the user manually order a one-time recalculation to set things in order? Or perhaps flag a page that is too full, to make Dorico recalculate that page? I’ve run into these problems myself, and I’d prefer to give Dorico a nudge to sort it out than take matters into my own hands with a manual override.