Crashing when activating Preferences>Folders>Use for File Browser

Hello Folks,

Im learning to use the Folders section.

Whenever I activate the checkbox called “use for FIle Browser” under Audio file or audio montage, Wavelab crashes.

Well, not exactly when clicking on the checkbox, but after activating it and then trying to create a new Audio file or montage. This is when the crash happens.

Then, after the crash, I restart Wavelab and this function is unchecked.

Any ideas why?

BTW I´m on the most recent wavelab update.


This “Folders” section is pretty buggy.

I also noticed that Wavelab doesnt save the changes I do in the section called “Audio Montage - Save Folder”, found in Preferences>Folders

:S weird stuff.

Thanks for the report, I can confirm. This will be fixed for 9.5.40.

Thanks. I´m glad to know its not only me.