Crashing when dragging scrollbar thumb in properties panel

Dorico for iPad is crashing regularly when I drag the scrollbar thumb in the properties panel.
I’m using version 2.4 on an iPad Pro 1st generation.

When I say “regularly” I mean I get the heebie-jeebies whenever I scroll across the properties panel by grabbing the scrollbar thumb. It’s crashed twice tonight within 10 minutes.
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Welcome to the forum, @guitarjig. I’ve not heard of this problem before.

Would you be so kind as to collect the crash dumps created by the crash on your iPad, zip them up and attach them here so I can examine them?

You’ll find them in Settings > Privacy > Analytics Data. The files you’re looking for have names beginning with “Dorico” and ending with “.ips”.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your response. Here’s some crash dumps. (38.8 KB)

Thanks for sending the crash logs. I will ask a colleague to take a look and see if he can tell what might be going on.

We’ve taken a look at the crash logs and wonder if you’d be willing to try something for us, assuming you have a Mac computer and can connect your iPad to your Mac via USB?

If you can, please connect your iPad to your Mac, then run the Console app on your Mac (launch it via Spotlight). In the sidebar, under Devices, you should see your iPad appear. Select it, then in the main part of the window, click Start streaming. Then run Dorico on your iPad and reproduce the crash, then stop streaming in Console, save the log, zip it up and attach it here.


Thanks for looking at this issue!
I have zipped up the console data and the associated crash log. (1.4 MB)

Thanks for the logs – we will investigate further and come back to you.

Unfortunately, the logs didn’t show us anything instantly helpful, but we’re wondering whether you could use QuickTime Player on your Mac to record your iPad’s screen as you reproduce the problem, while your iPad is hooked up via USB?

Even better if you can show taps and drags, which I believe you can do by turning on ‘Assistive Touch’ in the Accessibility settings and setting a custom gesture for just a single tap.

Also, I just wanted to check with you: you know that you can drag the Properties panel just by dragging and swiping on any part of the panel itself? You don’t need to actually get hold of the thumb. (Really we only show the thumb on the iPad to help make it clear that the Properties panel can scroll, but we anticipate that you should scroll it by dragging the panel itself.)

Hi Daniel, when using the ‘Assistive Touch’ feature I can’t drag the properties panel around. You can see in the attached videos that after I’ve enabled the custom gesture I can’t move the panel. Also, you can see that I accidentally enabled the “Laissez vibrer tie”, that’s why I don’t like swiping on the panel, I keep turning stuff on. Sometimes it’s hard to find a blank part of the panel to start the drag. (2.2 MB) (3.7 MB)
Would you still like to see a video of a crash? I hope I’m not wasting your time, I feel like I’m the only Dorico iPad user with this problem.

Thanks for taking the time to produce these videos.

We would like to be able to reproduce this problem ourselves, as that would hopefully give us a bit more insight into what exactly is happening, but so far no luck. The crash is deep in the Qt application framework code rather than in Dorico itself, so it’s possible it’s a framework bug, but we’d ideally like to be able to reproduce and understand it so that we can at least report it to their developers effectively.

Hi Daniel, Dorico crashed first thing today and luckily I was recording.
All I did was:

  • Open the file
  • Scroll down
  • Select the E
  • Try to move the properties panel

I was using my finger and I placed it in the blank area below “color”.
Attached is movie and crash log. I hope you find the issue, it’s driving me bananas. (3.9 MB) (6.4 KB)