Crashing when using spectrum editor

I’ve been having this issue for a while now. A technique I use often, and have been doing so since the introduction of the spectrum editor, is to make a selection and then apply a gain change, negative or positive using a key command. When I’m working on a restoration project, like an old 78 rpm record, I can end of doing this hundreds of times for a three minute song. When I start working fast, WL inevitably crashes. I’ve learned to save my work constantly, but it’s becoming very distracting. A similar technique I use in the spectrum editor is copy/paste using the “Define Source at Cursor” option. Same thing, it crashes constantly. I think this issue started to show up for me around WL10, maybe WL11. I’d love to get to the bottom of this.

I’ve never sent a crash report before, what’s the process? I’m assuming the information needed is in the “Problem Report for Wavelab Pro 11” dialog that pops up following the crash. Then where do I send it?


Using WaveLab 11.2 I guess?

What is the spec of the audio file you edit: mono or stereo? How many bits?

I think there is a send button.

Yes, sorry, I’m using WaveLab 11.2 running on a Mac Studio M1 Ultra. It happens on any sample rate or bit depth, mono or stereo. I’ll send the next time it happens. Thanks!

It just crashed again and I’m not seeing a send button. If I choose “Show Details” there’s no send button either. Is there something in the preferences that I should turn on?

Hi … I use the first technique extensively and have to say that … at least on a Windows machine … this has been solid since 9.5. I typically use this in m/s display. It follows I am unable to think why this is happening.

Perhaps temporarily change the shortcut key … just in case there’s some sort of non-obvious conflict within OSX or something.

I don’t really use second technique much at all but I have been requesting a fully featured Sequoia style ‘four point destination cut’’ function over time. While Sequo*a and I didn’t really get along all that well, I have to admit the elegance of this feature. I appreciate that there are work arounds that approximate the function (and I use those) but so far I have found nothing quite as elegant.

I thought you were on Windows.
If you click on “Show Details”, what happens?

It just expands to show more details. I’m not seeing ant type of “send” button.

Thanks for this! I tried using a different shortcut key and the same thing happens. Good thought though. I was on Windows until WL9.5 then switched over to Mac. I’ve been very happy so far with the switch except for the somewhat recent crashing issue. I rely very heavily on both techniques…I’ve got the copy/paste down to a single keyboard shortcut using a macro on Keyboard Maestro so at any moment I can either repair a bad section by increasing or decreasing the level or just copy and pasting from where my cursor is. It’s simple, efficient and effective.

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Maybe copy and paste the ‘show details’ info to a text file for posting here?

Good idea. Here’s the last crash report.

WL11.2 (22.9 KB)

This one does not help. Maybe another one + the info about what exact operation you did when that happened.

Got it. It may be tomorrow before I can do this. As for what I did, it’s always as I mentioned above: Spectrum editor > Change level > -3 dB (sometimes +3 dB) > Apply. I have this as a keyboard shortcut “q”. So I’m using the Rectangle Selection tool and hitting “q” repeatedly. A crash happens at some point when I hit the “q”. It could be after 20 or 50 instances of using the shortcut.

Does this happen only if the file remains unsaved? Or if you progressively save the file after, say, 10 edits, does it still crash?

I can add that I just completed a project that required super intensive edits in the Spectrum editor and it remained solid. I have the shortcut assigned as ‘3’. Although I am on Windows.

Saving doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve had it crash right after a save unfortunately.