Crazy bar

Hi everybody,
a crazy bar (21) appeared after having used the up and down arrow in engraving - see jpeg

How can I get rid of it?

Can you turn on signposts? Do you have a mistaken system break there?

Dear Dan,
yes, I tried to do a system break, because - after having entered lots of “cresc/dim” signs two systems at the bottom of the page “melted” … - see Brahms.jpeg.
For signposts please have a look at Crazy bar Dan.jpeg.


That [21] is because you split the bar with a system break. You need to remove the break.

Don’t know how…
Can you please give me advice?

Again yours

Same thing happened in BTHVN’s Pathétique 2nd movement.
How can I avoid this in the future?

To remove a signpost, just click on the Systemumbruch signpost once (it will become highlighted) and press delete.

There are several ways you can avoid the stave collisions. Check the Vertical Spacing part of the Layout Options for more optimised inter-system gaps. Then, try not to force too much music on one page by using frame breaks with the setting ‘Wait for next frame break’ set.
But in this case I’d first recommend to notate the explicit triplets only at the beginning, maybe in the first measure only, and hide all numbers and brackets after that (in the properties panel at the bottom). The music will remain totally understandable without those, and it will save you a lot of space.
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Also consider either moving the very low right hand notes in bar 58 to the bottom staff, or use a bass clef temporarily.
You may also experiment with ‘flat’ slurs for the longer melodic lines, like in m. 51-52. The form of the slur is also in the property panel.
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