Crazy - Bb4 does not play from MIDI keyboard

Hello all, I’m in my 30-day trial with Dorico and I have this one MIDI issue that I can’t seem to solve. For all scores, pressing Bb4 on either of my MIDI keyboards will not enunciate (play). All other keys work fine for all instruments. Clicking on Bb4 in the score works, and playback works.

I’ve transposed both keyboards down an octave, and the issue is still on Bb4 pitch (although a different physical key on the keyboard). I’ve closed Dorico, rebooted several times, and I’m not able to reproduce in my DAW or a standalone instance of Kontakt - this issue seems specific to Dorico.

When I press Bb4, I see the green light in the lower right within Dorico, but no sound.

What am I doing wrong? Haha! Is there a configuration setting that could be masking this particular key from enunciating?

Many thanks to all.

You say Kontakt – what sample library?
If you use HALion or other VST player, does the problem persist?

Hi @benwiggy - Thanks for your reply. The standalone Kontakt instance works no matter which sample library I use. Standalone HALion Sonic SE works great. When I’m in Dorico, no VST (HALion, NotePerformer, CinePiano, etc.) or instrument plays on Bb4 via MIDI.

Might you have accidentally set it as a key command trigger in Dorico’s Preferences > Key Commands?

If I assign Bb to “Add Staff Above”, then when I play the note, I don’t get any audition. Have a look at the Edit menu, to see what “Undo” says after you’ve played the note.

(Ideally, you’d have a look at the keycommands_en.json file.)

Thank you, @benwiggy - that was it!