Crazy hissing sound when monitoring in cubase or using a stand alone amp sim

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in here so I hope I’m doin it correctly :slight_smile:
I have been using Cubase 10.5 on an iMac for quite some time now, as well as using stand alone amp sims and have never had any issues… the other day I plugged into my set up and a crazy hiss started occurring… it sounds like sand is being poured over my head… I know there it’s not coming from my guitar or cords etc due to the hissing being there when no instrument or cable is plugged in… has anyone else ever had this problem???

you’re hearing it in Cubase with the AmpSim turned on?
…or just plugged into the stand alone amp sim?
…or without the amp sim and just inside Cubase?

be sure to check your signal path and make sure gain is adequate at each stage, and not overcranked.

Interface? Monitors? It sounds like some kind of component failure.

Hey legend! Thanks for your reply… the gain staging is fine… it happening even when no instrument is plugged in… was working fine for 2 years and now all of the sudden the issue has started… the only thing I have done differently lately is upgrade my mac to Big Sur

Hey legend! Yes… that’s what I thought too… have tried using a different interface, different USB cable… will try swapping power points tonight.

upgrading your computer to a new OS is a major thing. I wager that’s part of what’s going on.

Still, what is running while you’re hearing the audio? Is Cubase running, is an ampsim running?.. is it a blank Cubase project you’re working on, or an old project?

More details are required…

Thanks again man…
The sound is occurring when I’m using the amp sim on it’s own in the stand alone version with nothing else running.
It is also occurring when I’m monitoring a track in Cubase with an amp sim inserted.
It is happening no matter what amp sim I am using… I will try some different options tomorrow i.e. is it happening when I am monitoring a mic with an effect inserted…
Please note it’s not happening when I insert an amp sim on a per recorded DI track… only when monitoring

ooh, that last part’s a big clue.
It sounds like your output gain is way up, like the sound of a cranked amp in your room with no guitar plugged into it. Hmm… Though, that doesn’t explain the DI thing…
Something to do with your inputs and outputs perhaps.

Well, report back what you find out. Good luck!