Crazy Love

I’ve been revisiting some songs I recorded with my band a while back and thought I’d post some :slight_smile:

This is a song called Crazy Love from my blues rock band, Craven Souls.


Good song…is this your composition? could be a bit dirtier and I reckon it doesn’t need the part after 3.22…but …good song and nice riff…Kevin

Thanks Kevin. No, not my composition. I only play rhythm guitar and do backing vocals in the band. I agree about the ending. We recorded it as we play it live. It seems to have a lot more energy played live but when it’s recorded it kind of drags on…

Thanks for listening

yeh nice one ,i like the riff in this ,cool little tune ,the faster bit at the end id lose, but if i were in the band id probably wanna keep it in so i could rock out the guitar as well ,the end reminds me of a freebird or guns n roses paradise city type effect .but the first section is very good , is it a band composition.

I like it too. Again, I think the vocals sound very good. The playing is good also. The only thing I might do, IF IT WERE ME, is to dial down (a little) the reverb on that center (or slightly left) panned guitar.
Nice job.

Thanks firestamper. Yeah it is a band composition.

Thanks J.L. I agree! Unfortunately that’s the reverb on the guitarists amp though. This was one the first songs we recorded so I learnt a few lessons now :slight_smile:

I like the song, would just make it shorter and not have a clean break at 3:22, it sounds like the song has ended and then suddenly a new song starts playing. I would let the two flow into each other because the end part gives it some new character and should not sound like a separate song. I rather like the second part, kind of a show off like the rock bands do in live shows, but the track should not be so long. Good guitar playing and vocals. Michael.

Thanks Michael. I was actually in the midst of taking a bar off that gap :slight_smile: Hopefully it flows better now.

LOVE the song!

Just a couple crits:

too much point on the kick
a tad too long

NO! Do NOT change a thing about the reverb! A mono recording of a guitar amp’s verb is an old technique that sounds great in the right circumstances, and I believe it works great on this tune