crazy metronome bug

I woke up today and got on Cubase, fired up an empty project and started playing. The audio click started playing back very strange. I’ve been using the same sample of a MPC since Cubase 4, same sample for both high and low. But now it was playing back the high part doubled and pitched up. Resetting the samples didn’t seem to help. Restarting Cubase either.

So I rebooted, reopened the file and the click was back to normal…until I opened the metronome settings window, touched nothing but clicked OK. Now the low sample was doubled and pitched up. Crazy right? Since then I’ve rebooted and not touched anything and it seems to be working, but I’m sure next time I need to print click, I’ll be forced to go to that window to set the MIDI click to a VSTi, thereby giving it a chance to screw up the audio click again.

Anyone else ever experience this?

No, not the same thing, but when I loaded C6 from C5, my metronome lost my recorded clicks. Not the factory beeps but the sounds I recorded. I loaded the recordings again from a file and everything was good again. Then they went away again right after. Seems to be OK now. I just chalked it up to C5 to C6 changes.

But you said something in your post? How is it you are recording the click? Are you going out the Stereo channel and back to the Pool perhaps? If you don’t mind, I would like to know this? Thanks.

Is the click sound you use at the same samplerate as the project?

Er, in my case, no. My wave files are 16bit and typically I record in 24bit. I hadn’t thought about this though. Hm. well, it’s working now. And it might be that the 16bit samples are higher pitched but they are so short I haven’t noticed.

But do you think Steinberg would be expecting you to use wave files here that were bit rated to the project? That would be interesting to learn but too convoluted, eh? And my samples are working.

Yep, there’s even a Knowledge Base article about it. :wink:

Mashedmitten - I went looking for that article, no luck. I did a search for ‘metronome’ under PC/Cubase6 and found two articles not relatable. What is the title of it? I ask because I am not sure whether you are saying that my click sounds should be project identical, or that it doesn’t matter. ?? Your last comment didn’t relay to me that I was on target or headed for trouble.


Sample rate in KHz is not the same as word length in bits!

Split - ? Does this mean you read the article and disagree with mashedmitten, that he interpreted something incorrectly? I don’t read betweeen the lines too well sometimes. Help me out?

I actually had a post on this topic a few days ago. There doesn’t seem to be any way to record the audio click, so what I’ve done is set up an instance of Kontakt which I use to assign the MIDI click to and print that way. But unfortunately, the settings reset every time you load the session, so you can’t keep it in your template. That’s the whole reason I’ve been in the metronome window a lot lately.

To answer the other question, my click is 24-bit just like my session, but I will switch between 44.1 and 88.2 depending on how much power I think I need. If I need a lot of plugs, I’ll compose in 44.1 instead.

No, I don’t disagree that it’s sample rate related.