Crazy reverb although muted - why?

Hello there :slight_smile: .
I am working on a two piano piece , there is no Ped. and the reverb is down to 0 + muted in the mixer ref. but I hear huge reverb - why?
Also - I don’t see the halion window any more… What could have gone wrong?
p.s. I disconnected my midi kbd & restarted Dorico but still no change - huge reverb.
Thanks very much in advance, regards.

You’re not going to get a sensible response unless you at least post the problem file. Everything will be guesswork.

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Hi @Ram_Haimoff , Janus is right, please post the project file, can also be a stripped down version as long as it exhibits that behaviour. Alternatively you could send it directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.
Additionally, please choose from Dorico’s menu *Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file.
Many thanks

Ok, I think the problem is that Dorico plays general midi sounds and not Halion, When I mute the midi channels in the mixer - there is absolutely no sound - even though Halion channels are not muted, I think its a driver issue… Thanks