Create 4 nodes in automation at range ends


Cubase 8 shows a great re-focus on workflow. Please include the following in the next build - please!

When I select a range of time on an automation lane, there should be an easy way for me to trim it up and down, thereby creating 4 nodes automatically - 2 at each end. Other DAWs do this very well and it immensely improves workflow. Please also make this available in the region volume envelope line (will make manually leveling and de-essing vocals a breeze!).

Thank you.

Yes please - to both ideas…! Kind of goes in line with the desire for that whole, clever, ‘Smart Tool’ functionality…

It has also been mentioned many times about wanting the automation nodes thing to happen :wink:

It will come…


+1 for me. This would be an enormous workflow improvement. I just recently switched over from Pro Tools 11 and this is really the ONLY thing I miss so far.

+1. Or an alternative would be to allow the range tool to make a selection and increase/decrease the level of the selected automation. (Because sometimes I wouldn’t want to have the additional points…)





yes that would be useful.


+1. Drawing automation is a headache right now.

I’m all in for this one…

(has this FR on C7 forum) it is too hard and takes time to draw this simple changes on automation right now !!



here’s my workaround but not an excuse not to implement it:


Don’t take this the wrong way: lukasbrooklyn’s solution highlights what I call Macro-Porn… there is so much in the Macro/PLE that gets one excited… until you try to actually use it. :smiley:

This particular feature probably should be built into the core.

But that said, Macro-Porn (the missing bits of macros and LE) are so glaring, it makes me wonder whether, if I were the software mgr, I would focus on just getting -that- up to speed. If the Macros/LE worked properly about 1/2 of -my- needs/wants/desires (including this) would immediately be solved.

IOW: the more I use Cubase, the less I need ‘features’ so much as I need -automation-… and by that I mean, the ability to automatically instruct Cubase to do stuff it already does, but which I have to tell it to do -manually- ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER. That’s the biggest workflow-killer for me… having to wait between tasks.

When I look at MS Word or Adobe C/S, I take for granted how much of what -seems- to be ‘built-in’ are actually macros. What foresight they had.

I’m sure hundreds of people have rolled up their sleeves with Cubase macros or LE and decided, “I’m going to take care of -this- once and for all!” But then you realise… And you become bitter about it. Like me. :smiley:

As I mentioned in this post…

I tend to automate in sections. As far as volume goes I assign a loop point and “spot” automate by locking the ‘fill loop’ function and putting it in ‘trim’ mode and without playback jiggle the fader so it just adds a point at the beginning and end of the loop. 4 points actually… Take out of trim. (cool way to spot automate volume as it stands).

Then, since ‘loop fill’ is still engaged, proceed to use whatever mode (touch, autolatch…) you need to make adjustments. It will snap back to the end point at loop end when punched out. This way anything before and after the loop remains untouched.

Another way is to set your in & out points (loop) to where you want your nodes to be. With range tool, place an arbitrary range on the automation track you want to modify (just to ‘tell’ it which track to modify). Edit menu: Functions: Fill Loop>


+1 Yes. Pro Tools does this very well. Select range (preferably with a new Cubase smart tool!) and pull up or down to add automation. Easy.

+111 Can someone at Steinberg please post that this feature request has been registered ??

Thanks, lookouts

This is absolutely a no-brainer!! Come on Steinberg :slight_smile: