Create 5/4 tuplet

Hi! I’d like to create tuplets of 5/4 ratio in one keycommand. (like pressing 5)
Is that possible?

This post discussed this:

This is one of the many things you can achieve with the ConsoleTools Lua framework. In fact, I made a whole library for streamlining tuplet-related tasks:

That’s impressive. Thanks!

Hi Alexander,
both the free and paid versions are not currently available for download from your website. A window opens saying “No item in cart. Please refresh the page”.
After refreshing, though, there is no change.
Could you please check?

AutoHotKey is what I use for tuplets, Simple key scripting language to learn, very powerful. Simple. Similar programs exist for the Mac.

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I think I may have found out what the problem was. Could you please retry and report back?

All working as expected.
I’ve tried the free version.
As soon as I can find the time to learn it, next couple of weeks, I will upgrade to the paid version.

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